I am a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Robotics Systems Development (MRSD) at Carnegie Mellon University. My love for Robotics stems from my involvement in projects during my undergraduate degree, research internships, and personal endeavors. I graduated with a BE in Mechanical Engineering, and enjoy building and integrating Robotics systems from scratch. These experiences have allowed me to develop a multidisciplinary skill-set in controls, perception, and robot design.

My professional experience includes working in academia, early-stage start-up environments and more recently with a tech giant. I have exposure working with Robot autonomy, manipulation, and deep learning for computer vision. I also have a passion for teaching and have taught 5000+ students through technical workshops on ROS and computer vision.

I love meeting new people across a diverse range of fields and strongly believe in working coherently as a team to find interdisciplinary and unconventional solutions to our problems. If you are interested in the work I do, please do reach out to me and share your story. I am always on the lookout for meaningful collaborations!

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